How to find and fix broken links on Shopify

Shopify does their best to make the system as easy to use as possible. And, I think they do a really good job at nailing the ecommerce aspects that every website should have and that everyone expects.

They make it easy to add links all over your website to other pages, products, blog posts, other websites, etc. But what happens over time is that those pages start to get removed from websites…but the links don’t get changed to reflect that.

This leaves your Shopify website with broken links.

And, that means that people who are on your website, won’t have a great experience when clicking on those broken links.

No one wants that.

Broken links ruin the experience of a website and make you look less trustworthy. Or at the very least, like you don’t keep up with your website.

It could be the difference between making a sale and not. What if you have a link to a product or a contact page but the link doesn’t work? And you had no idea!

It feels pretty awful finding out that, for months or years, a link had been broken the whole time. How much was lost because of it?

How to find broken links on your Shopify website

Other than literally clicking on every single link on your website to find the broken links, which is the most reliable but more time-consuming, the best way to find them is to use a robot that will check them for you.

There are a few options out there on the web, including Shopify apps that can help you with this. Though, those only focus on links to your website. You want something that will act as a scanner for broken links on your Shopify website that link anywhere.

Use Pagemend to find them for you

Pagemend can take any Shopify website and check all pages for links. It’ll clearly show you what page, the link, and the URL it goes to.

The scanners check every page every 7 days (unless you grab a paid plan, then it scans more often). Otherwise, it’s completely free

It’s pretty easy – just signup and add your website. Once the scan is complete, you’ll know if your Shopify site has broken links or not.

Find Broken Links Before Customers Do

Peace-of-mind website scanning with results shown in plain English for those who don't speak nerd and have other things to do.

Scan My Website. Free!

How to fix broken links on your Shopify site

So, knowing about the broken links is only half the battle. You need to know how to fix them.

While most are easy to fix not all are located in the same place in the Shopify admin. If they’re located in the code, I can’t help you much there. Below, I’ll show you some of the most common places that a link would be located so you can get to them fast.

Broken navigation link

Shopify has a nice menu manager in the backend. All menus are located here:

In there, you’ll get a list of navigation menus and you can choose the correct one (or guess until you find it). There’s a nice interface for swapping out links and I think it’s intuitive enough that you’ll get it. Just start typing or click the link field and another select menu will pop up for you to choose from. You can also put in any link here – it doesn’t need to be a link to your website.

Broken link in page content

If you find a broken link on your Shopify site on a page, you’ll need to go to the “Pages” area and navigate to the page with the link.

Once you’re looking at the editor, find the link and click on it. This should move the cursor to it. Now, click the link icon in the editor buttons above:

A nice little link editor pop up will show and you can fix that broken link.

Broken link in product content

This one is very similar to the page. If you have a broken link on your Shopify product page, do basically the same as the above except that you’ll want to go to the product area and the edit link icon is a little bit different. Both are shown below.

Broken link in blog content

Again, very similar to the page or product broken links. The only difference is that it lives in a different spot:

Can’t find where to fix broken link on Shopify website

Again, if there are broken links on your Shopify site that our scanner finds that aren’t in one of those places, it’s likely that it’s either in the code for the template or somewhere in the customizer. You get to those by going to “Online Store” and then “Themes”. On the right side, there will be a button for “Actions”, which is where the code editor lives, and another for “Customize”. Most likely, you’ll want to poke around the customize area. I can’t give you an overview of that because it’s different on every website. Unfortunately, you’ll need to explore a bit to find it.

Find Broken Links Before Customers Do

Peace-of-mind website scanning with results shown in plain English for those who don't speak nerd and have other things to do.

Scan My Website. Free!
I've been making websites since I was a kid and now have over 20 years of experience building them for myself and my agency. I noticed patterns of problems that all business owners experience with their websites. Problems that most business owners don’t even know matter, let alone how to address. I built Pagemend to help people stay on top of their websites.

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