The Client

The client has a Bigcommerce website that sells health-related products for pets. Their website had great content and wanted to augment what they were currently doing to increase rankings for the most important keywords.

The Strategy

After completing all audits, we saw several opportunities to further optimize their website’s category and product pages to target main and related keywords. They were already doing a great job writing content but clearly had not had guidance from an SEO in creating that content. It still worked for them so this gave us a great foundation to start from.

The Campaign

After building reports to identify the highest opportunity keywords, which we define as potential to drive revenue, amount of potential revenue, and amount of effort required, we started attacking the lowest hanging fruits.

We did this by optimizing pages for keywords by adding or editing content. We assisted their internal writing team and helped increase the amount of content they pumped out by working alongside them as a team member.

While most of our efforts focused on content, we did assist in technical audits and fixes and backlink outreach. Those are less fun to write about but we did do them!

The Results

After adding and editing content, getting some backlinks, and fixing errors, their most important keywords went up in rankings by almost 50%.

It did lead to an increase in revenue but we’re not allowed to show you that 🙂