The Client

The website is an ecommerce Wordpress + Woocommerce site that sells highly specialized products in the pet niche. Their website was aging but still functional and they wanted to know what easy wins were available to them.

The Strategy

As with any strategy we build, this one started with a full suite of audits and we found that this website showed various technical issues. It was clear to us that the website needed significant improvement from a tech standpoint.

A report from GTmetrix with dreadful results.

The Campaign

After the technical audit of the client’s Woocommerce website, we created tech requirements that needed to be cleaned up, focusing first on fixing broken items and site speed.

There were other legacy oddities that appeared on the website and we suggested iterative changes to the layout of product pages and category pages to better target priority keywords.

Being adept in many programming languages and CMS platforms, we were able to handle all technical edits, giving the client an all-in-one solution.

The Results

After optimizing Wordpress and other aspects about the technical stack, all reporting tools showed improved stats for all metrics.

Normally, we’d also include Pagespeed/Core Web Vitals screenshots here but we forgot to take a before…womp womp.

An amazing-looking report from GTmetrix.

Month-over-month, you can clearly see an almost immediate increase in traffic and where it diverges from the previous period. We started work in early October and the increase produced results faster than we expected.

An amazing-looking report from GTmetrix.