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Finding the Best Website Design Company

The best web design company will set you up with a beautiful, functional, and user-friendly website. For brands, websites are more than a simple collection of connected pages and media content online. It is your sales pitch, your business card, an invitation to interested parties to sample your goods and or services. So, if you are going to use a web design company to build a website, pick an experienced and skilled team that can get the job done how you need it.

These days, everyone and their mother is a web designer and can get a website up and running, but to build a responsive and functional website that best suits your needs, you’ll want the expertise of an experienced professional. Not all websites that see the light of day last for long. Websites die because poor designs scare visitors away. The online space is characterized by spur-of-the-moment decisions and quick judgments. Surveys indicate consumers take 50 milliseconds to decide whether to continue on your website or hit the back button.

The best web designers are familiar with the ins and outs, including domains, hosting, and design, including plugins, themes, and SEO. Here is how to pick the best web design company:

Check Their Website

So, you’ve been referred to or found a certain website company who is saying they can set you up with the best website at a better price plus a range of free maintenance services for some time? Don’t get lost in the offers just yet. Check to see if they can deliver on the expertise they promise. The first step to assessing a web agency’s expertise is to check their website. Do you like what you see?

A web agency’s own website indicates its capabilities, design style, and technological proficiency. Many web agencies promise expertise they cannot deliver. Check their website for:

  • Mobile Responsiveness – Does it look good on phone, tablets, and a desktop computer?
  • Style aesthetic – Do you like how their website looks? If you’re looking for something basic and simple, you wouldn’t want to hire a company that designs super modern websites.
  • Overall design – Could you see yourself with a website like this one?

Even if their design doesn’t match your desired style, their website should be responsive, visually pleasing, and functional. A good website design firm caters to its customers’ style aesthetics and plans, not its own.

If you expect more services like content creation in addition to web design, assess the content on the web builder’s site. Is it professional and engaging? You can tell a serious web agency from the rest by how up to date their website is.

Check Their Portfolio

Any creative agency is going to need to show their work so that people can see what they do. In this case, a website design company will have a portfolio of websites they’ve designed (or other things they’ve created). This is where they showcase their unique style and expertise. You will find their past projects, bio, design concepts, templates, and features.

Just click on the items to sample their past work:

  • Is their name attached to important clients and superior brands?
  • Is their past work inspirational and good-looking?
  • Can they do different kinds of work?
  • Do their past projects have the functionality you will need for your own website?

A serious web agency has a quality professional portfolio to prove their capabilities. They showcase various projects they’ve had so far, not just the successful ones but the ones that did not succeed too; after all, you want transparency from the team.

Look for a web agency with creative and aesthetic material to suit your current website needs. They should also be able to your unique business requirements, not just one style of work.

Are they local or international?

If you’d prefer someone local, are they available or somewhere else in the world? When it comes to using an agency to set up your website, you can choose between an offshore and a local developer.

It’s almost always wise to go with a local developer or an in-house team. You want the team building your website to be the one you talked to, so they factor your specific goals and unique style into the design.

A local designer could be available for meetings during the entire web development process to discuss any details or concerns. They understand your market and target audience and can customize the website to suit this landscape. The only caveat is local web building services may be expensive.

On the other hand, an offshore developer may charge less for web design services. Unfortunately, offshore web agencies are a one-person team bidding on work and outsourcing the design and development to third party companies. There is also cultural and language incompatibility when working with a team from overseas; this may lead to confusion and much time-wasting.

Is it easy to contact them?

As already explained, being in contact with the company building your website allows you to have input for your unique style and requirements to suit your target audience and market. Communication is key to setting up a successful website. Choose a team that is accessible and friendly, not shrouded in mystery.

You can try to call them and arrange a meeting. Then from the way they handle your call, you can gauge their interpersonal skills and expertise. A good web agency will inquire about your company, your target audience, and your desired style instead of immediately trying to pressure you to choose their services.

Ensure there is chemistry before choosing the company because you will be working with the agency for quite a while. The person on the other end of the phone is a reflection of the entire company.

Communication is also necessary in case you need to make updates or revamp the website later. Web design and development is just the first part; website maintenance is the other part. Most websites die because of poor maintenance services due to miscommunication with the design team. In addition to training your in-house team on how to make basic updates, a good web agency should be available for a call if things go haywire.

Check their reviews?

After going through their portfolio and asking as many questions as possible, you will want to know what their past clients say. Did they leave a smile on their clients’ faces?

Keep in mind that when it comes to experience, it is not about the number of years in the field but what the agency has accomplished during the time they’ve been in operation. Just because a web agency has been in business for many years doesn’t mean they are experienced. Time does not command experience. They may have been hanging around dry for years with just a few clients to their name. Past client reviews tell it all!

When checking past client reviews, make sure the information is verifiable. It’s always great if the agency can provide video testimonials in addition to comments posted on its website. Ask if it’s possible to contact the client or look at their website and verify their statement yourself.

Has the company done work in your industry?

Different industries have unique website requirements and style. What has the web developer accomplished in your industry?

You can rely on user reviews to gauge a web agency’s accomplishment. You can also ask for performance data or do a case study. A case study will help understand how the developer approaches its clients. While at it, ask as many questions as possible to understand their methodologies and why they make their decisions.

Wrapping up

While you don’t need programming knowledge to choose a web developer, you are certainly going to need knowledge of the ins and out of websites. The best web developing company has a stellar record of accomplishment no matter their years in the business. You can tell it by checking performance data and reviews from past clients.

While at it, go for a developer who provides extra services in addition to web building. Maintenance services like plugins, security updates, add-ons, and SEO are important for a website’s success; it’s best that you go with a developer who provides everything in-house. For more questions on website design and development, please keep browsing our pages.